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3 Steps to Get in the Zone
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In this e-book, you will discover the following:
 Tips to increase your confidence level right before your game
 Strategies to access your zone of optimal performance
 Ways to mentally prepare for your tournament based on your role on the team
 Tools to help you quickly regain your focus during games
 Practical exercises to train yourself to get back in the zone
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About Me
My name is Guylaine Girard, and I believe that sport is an extraordinary tool for developing human potential. I have coached athletes for 25 years, mainly in ultimate and gymnastics, and I was the head coach of the AUDL’s Montreal Royal in 2016. I hold a bachelor’s degree in high-level coaching, a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Certification, as well as a Level 4 (international level) NCCP certification, and I am passionate about mental training and human development. As a mental coach, I worked with Team Canada’s U24 Women, Iris, the Montreal Royal, and Vintage in 2019. In my work, my real passion is making people aware of what prevents them from achieving their goals and giving them practical and effective tools to access and reveal their full potential.
Julie Landry
“When I started my ultimate season, I knew I was physically ready. Despite everything, I was not performing to my full potential. Guylaine knew how to get me out of my comfort zone and helped me better understand how my body reacted at important moments. I now feel accomplished thanks to Guylaine’s exercises and tips!”
Raynald Nemours
“The mental preparation sessions with Guylaine taught me to recognize when my mind had a negative impact on my performance. I discovered new ways of thinking that helped me stay focused and give 100% during my AUDL games. I still use her tips anytime I need to regain my focus when facing challenges.”
Alison Fischer
"Guylaine joined our team’s leadership team in 2013 and her coaching expertise had an immediate impact on how efficient our team (Vintage) became at winning."
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