"The winning formula for inspiring your athletes, capturing attention immediately and achieving engagement in learning."
In this ebook, you will discover:
 A simple yet brilliant trick to convince, motivate and influence others
 One thing that distinguishes great leaders from good coaches
 What is the most common communication mistake that coaches make
 How to boost your athlete’s motivation to work hard during practice
 How to get your athletes to work towards a common goal
 What is the inspirational approach and how to use it when you communicate
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About me
My name is Guylaine Girard and as a coach and I have been coaching athletes for 25 years, mainly in ultimate (frisbee) and gymnastics. I have a university degree in high level coaching and a Level 4 NCCP (international level). In 2012, I established a collective between the women’s competitive ultimate teams in Montreal, to improve communication between the teams and give them the means to learn from one another. Within this program, many women have developed their leadership skills in their roles as managers, captains or trainers. As an athlete and captain, I won the gold medal with my team in the ultimate world championships in Italy in 2014. In 2016, I was head coach of AUDL’s Montreal Royal, a semi-professional ultimate team. Over time, I have developed a specialization in leading athletes and coaches toward change and transforming teams into very effective units. Over the last 15 years, I have helped coaches to improve their communication and relationships with their athletes and become the best leaders they can be.
Alison Fischer
"Guylaine joined our team’s leadership team in 2013 and her coaching expertise had an immediate impact on how efficient our team became at winning."
Patrick Gratton
"Everyone who has had the chance to work with Guylaine knows that she is passionate, dedicated and makes a difference."
Annick Martin
"Guylaine is a woman who embodies calmness, intelligence, motivation and openness. She impresses and inspires on many levels!"
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